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John Dau quoted in Voice of America article on Southern Sudan independence, September 23rd, 2011

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Clinics Rising mission is to create advocacy through storytelling for organizations and people doing amazing work in global health care. ClinicsRising is a project of Human Condition.


Recommended Reading
  • We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda
    We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda
    by Philip Gourevitch
  • God Grew Tired of Us: A Memoir
    God Grew Tired of Us: A Memoir
    by John Bul Dau, Michael S. Sweeney

    The first person survival story of John Dau one of the Sudanese Lost Boys.

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Thoughts and findings from the Clinics Rising team.


Clinics Rising Update

We have been busy working in advocacy areas this summer and have spent little time on the site, we are recutting videos that we can bring you shortly. There are some amazing developments with both WWHPS and JDSF. We just had a great meeting with WWHPS founder Ro and Bill Wyman and their program CCHIPS is really taking hold in Northern Rwanda, now on their third clinic the momentum is starting to build.

JDSF is celebrating their 5 year anniversary, and can use your support. Go here to help them contine this great work:


Electronic Medical Records, what about ATMs?

If we carry around little plastic cards with access to all our fiscal information on them and trust them more than cash as being safe to carry, why not keep medical records in a "bank" and access them when our health provider needs them through an "authorization" or swipe and pin code.

We need to mimic one things the bank's have done correctly and that is providing easy access to funds through ATMs. Use the model for transporting medical records, one swipe and a pin and you are set. Ever lose it? Call the bank and cancel your card since there is no actual information on it.

This was the previous posting on Electronic Records:

Electronic Medical Records Part 1


Latest JDSF video posted

We just finished a piece on a young girl with cerebral malaria, who visited the JDSF Lost Boys clinic in Southern Sudan. Thanks to the visiting doctors and new refrigeration the local staff was trained to deal with this situation.


Help us find the next story

We are in search of our next story, this one will originate in the US. Clinics Rising is globally focused organization and as we continue to build stories around the world we are looking for wide and dynamic range of subjects.

While we are named Clinics Rising we aim to tell stories of all health care. We have told two stories in Central Africa and are looking to find stories in Asia, Iceland, US, South America, Canada and the Mid East.

Contact us and tell us your story or nominate a worthy person, project or program.


Evolution of the PSA

A New York Times article today about TV shows that are receiving funding from Gates Foundation to develop television programming through Viacom to influence the publics view on education and healthcare. While this has been going on for a long time the interesting part is that we are now talking about advocacy placement just like product placement. Get a TV show character to not only talk about the war on H.I.V. or donate a kidney but to have it affect the main story line intrinsically.

The efforts of philanthropies to influence entertainment programming is not new, although viewers are probably less aware of it then obvious marketing tie-ins in which, for example, a can of Coca-Cola shows up in a character’s hands. The Kaiser Family Foundation, which focuses on health issues, has been doing such work for a dozen years. It has worked story lines about H.I.V. and AIDS into programs on CBS and UPN (now known as the CWnetwork), including the reality show “America’s Next Top Model.”